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Founded by mother of three, Juliane Corona, in 2016. Mommy Made Encapsulation is the largest, most experienced placenta encapsulation company. Servicing all of the United States with an easy and affordable shipping option. Juliane and her team have encapsulated for over 30,000 mommies, including many celebrities and your favorite influencers.

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At Mommy Made Encapsulation, we use the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of placenta encapsulation. Each placenta will yield on average 160-180 pills, which, when taken regularly, can have many benefits of placenta capsules for new mothers.

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Reserve your placenta encapsulation today, then just let us know when you go into labor. Our specialists are available for local placenta pickup 24/7, or you can have your placenta shipped to us. Once we receive your placenta, we can have your capsules ready in 2-3 days.

Placenta encapsulation has many benefits

Benefits of placenta encapsulation can include higher energy levels, lesser chance of postpartum depression, balanced mood and hormones, increased milk supply, and losing baby weight faster.

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The placenta contains many nutrients

Your placenta contains a number of nutrients that can help you recover after having a baby, including: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Iron, Cytoknes, and Stem Cells.

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Hormones Found in the Placenta

The hormones found in your placenta can be very beneficial. These include Estrogen, Progestrone, Testosterone, Prolactin, Ocytocin, Cortisone, Interferon, Hemoglobin, and many more. These hormones can aid your recovery in a number of ways.

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