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Mommy Made Encapsulation Inland Empire, California

Welcome to Mommy Made Encapsulation Inland Empire, CA!

Meet Samantha Davis, owner and operator of Mommy Made Encapsulation Inland Empire, California. Samantha was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, where she then graduated from FIDM in L.A. at the age of 19 with an Associates of Arts degree in Visual Communications. After pursuing her career in the visual arts industry for the past decade, she and her fiancé became pregnant with their first child. While pregnant, she fell in love with all things pregnancy and birth related, placenta encapsulation being one of them. Having already heard a little bit about placenta encapsulation years ago, she knew this would be one of her first steps in taking control of her postpartum recovery!

Samantha was able to experience all of the benefits that her placenta had to offer, including lessening her symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety, giving her extra energy, and helping with milk production. Her interest in holistic medicine and alternative postpartum support in combination with benefiting from her capsules first-hand, led her to explore this industry further. Seeing for herself the void in the postpartum healthcare system, she wanted to become an active part in creating a better recovery period for all new mothers by opening her very own branch of the Mommy Made brand. While on maternity leave, Samantha earned both of her certifications – Bloodborne Pathogens and OSHA’s Safe Food Handling License, along with completing her Placenta Preparation Certification Program with IPPA, International Placenta & Postpartum Association, along with extensive hands-on training and mentor-ship with Juliane Corona. She now successfully manages the Inland Empire, California branch for all new mommies within the Inland Empire County.

Due to the nature of the hospitals within the Inland Empire County, all clients for this area are requested to bring a disposable cooler or insulated bag with them to their birthing place. Samantha picks up all placentas directly from the delivery room, unless arrangements have been made prior to delivery. All placenta capsules are returned within 24-72 hrs. of pick up. Hospitals and birth centers that Samantha has worked with include, but are not limited to: Kaiser Ontario, Kaiser Fontana, Kaiser Riverside, Kaiser Moreno Valley, Kaiser Murrieta, Ancient Paths Midwifery, San Antonio Regional Hospital, Montclair Hospital, Parkview Community Hospital, Redlands Community Hospital, Riverside Community Hospital, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Loma Linda University, and The Natural Birth Center. Mommy Made Encapsulation Inland Empire proudly serves the Inland Empire County, additional travel fees may apply if applicable.

Mommy Made Encapsulation’s 24 hr. support, approachable, and friendly staff is unmatched by any other placenta encapsulation company nationwide. M.M.E. Inland Empire is proud to offer this same level of service and support to all expectant mommies in the Inland Empire area.


Placenta encapsulation starts at $365. Book your encapsulation today to get started.

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