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Hey girl, I really have noticed some differences about 3 days in! I have so much more energy than my 2 previous pregnancies (especially at night time with getting up multiple times to feed him). My milk came in quickly and I am overflowing with milk! I have already lost almost 20lbs from the time I gave birth to now thanks to breastfeeding and these pills! I have no depression or mood swings at all! It has been amazing! That’s probably the biggest thing I see a difference in and the most important to me! Before with both pregnancies I had mood swings like everyday almost all day for almost a good month after both boys were born, this time is like a whole new outlook on how wonderful postpartum can be!
– Sarah, mom of 3, Bakersfield

I had to slow down on my pills lol I was making too much milk! I’m still making a lot but not like the beginning. I feel guilty at times because I’m up at 2 AM actually enjoying my newborn and then I think why couldn’t I have done this with my daughter? But then again, I was so much younger then and I didn’t know what I was doing. Encapsulating my placenta has been the best decision I’ve made and this bonding experience with my son, words can’t explain it.
Michelle, mom of 2, Bakersfield

My Bethany is producing so much healthy milk! Her pregnancy weight is melting like butter! And her spirits are positive! My wife is doing great and healing well. My baby is happy and healthy! Juliane Corona is a blessing from God.
-Alfredo, husband to Bethany, dad of 1, Hemet

For those who are unsure, I recently did this with Juliane Corona. My recovery with this pregnancy was MUCH faster- no mood swings, higher energy, increased milk supply, and I just felt better physically. When you get your pills there is absolutely no taste! My supply is almost done and I am so bummed. I can’t recommend this highly enough!
-Kathy, mom of 2, Bakersfield

100% Team Placenta!!!! Thank you so much. I feel kind of too good to be true for just having a c-section! And have about a gallon of milk in my boobs, no joke! I will recommend this for the rest of my life. Even my husband is like, “did you take your pills today?” He’s all about team placenta now.
-Katrice, mom of 2, Fontana

I have been taking my pills and love them. My recovery this time was so much easier and faster than with my previous 2 c-sections. I’m so glad my co-worker told me about you. Thanks so much!!
– Alex, mom of 3, Bakersfield

OH EM GEE, why did I not know about this with my other two kids?! This has been by far the best decision I have ever made. I don’t know if you recall, I have Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The placenta pills helped me with my energy, which is something that is a daily struggle with someone who has Lupus. The pills also helped with my inflammation that I struggled with during my pregnancy because of the RA. I have a few left and I am still taking them once a day to help me keep my energy up. Thank you so much!
-Eileen, mom of 3, Bakersfield

I have seen a big difference which is crazy because I didn’t think the pills would work so fast lol. I have more energy, I’m not cranky when waking up at night every 2 hours or less, I’m happier and not to mention my milk supply has increased so much that I have to pump before I feed him or it will squirt all over his face! Compared to when I had my daughter, I remember I was so miserable I would cry because I was so tired and I would have to give her formula because I wasn’t producing enough milk. Now I’m just like, wow, who would have thought recovering from birth would be this simple?
-Michelle, mom of 2, Bakersfield

I only have 2 days left of my placenta pills and I’m sad I’m not going to have them anymore! I’ve had such a seamless transition I feel like I didn’t even just have a baby! I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m not overwhelmed or too tired, milk supply is great, my tummy shrunk fast, my recovery was super fast, and I’m just enjoying my newborn baby with no worries at all! I 100% recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone interested! You won’t regret it!
-Corina, mom of 3, Bakersfield


UPDATE!! A lot of you know I consumed my placenta. I thought I would give all my friends and family an update. I am now 3 weeks postpartum; my c-section incision is healing incredibly fast. I have tons of energy and have lost 30lbs already. My mood is great and I have not had any anxiety this time around, I feel GREAT!! To anyone thinking of encapsulating your placenta to get all these benefits- do it as I am now running low on my placenta pills. I am truly sad that they are almost done. Best decision for sure!
-Stephanie, mom of 4, Bakersfield

So I don’t care to write a book right now but, long story short. I had horrible postpartum depression with my second born (never believed it even was a real thing) always told people “toughen up,” “be stronger,” yeah, it’s not a light switch to do so. It’s real and it sucks. So, being desperate to not to experience it again, I had my placenta put in capsules to replenish hormones and nutrients needed to prevent postpartum along with many other things. My experience so far has been great. I literally decided last minute to do this. As soon as baby came out, I instantly started feeling crazy emotions. So I reached out to Juliane at 2 AM, and she picked my placenta up within an hour and had my capsules ready the next day. Juliane Corona, thank you so much for responding so quickly at 2 AM and being so helpful with the entire process.
Angelina, mom of 3, Bakersfield

Little Christian Cash is growing quickly, gaining weight and eating well and I am feeling good. The pills helped so much with producing enough for him to eat and I’m already down to about 12lbs from my original weight. Actually, they may have worked too well because I was up and doing everything as normal and had to be forced to take it easy lol. I guess since my labor was really rough and the pain was intense recovering and is still present I was delaying healing because I felt well enough to do laundry, cook, clean, and do the baby’s photo shoot!!
-Amysha, first time mom, Bakersfield

Okay, seriously, you guys are onto something with these magic pills. I didn’t drop the baby weight as quickly with my last daughter, which didn’t bother me because I was focused on producing enough milk for her. That was my main concern and I had to work so hard at it. Well, this time around is so different so far! I’ve already had to pump at night because I’m producing so much milk! I definitely feel more balanced. I was worried about feeling overwhelmed with all these kids lol and I’m really not!
-Brianne, mom of 5, Bakersfield

I’m feeling better, more calm and I haven’t cried. That’s big for me because with my son, I cried a lot after he was born. Oh and energy levels are way better. The first day that I took them, I was cleaning the kitchen like crazy. Even my nephew told me, “Damn auntie, you need to take those more often!”
-May, mom of 2, Bakersfield

No depression! I have noticed that days I forget to take my pills, I’m definitely a lot more emotional about things compared to when I do take them. I’m pumping because my baby couldn’t latch and I’m having a little trouble producing a lot but it’s okay. The baby is getting better, still has a little trouble here and there but I’m handling it well.
-Michelle, first time mom, Bakersfield

So far I’ve already noticed the amount of milk I’ve been pumping. I got 20 ounces in one sitting, and have over 100 ounces frozen already. I know I didn’t have this much milk with my first son. Weight loss has been great too! I gained 45lbs and I’ve lost 20 as of this morning!
Lybia, mom of 2, Bakersfield

So I was having an issue putting my baby down and doing ANYTHING consistently, so today I thought, nope, let’s do this right. I’ve been taking my “strawbabies” and you know what? I’m in nesting mode and my house reeks of Fabuloso and my (milk) cups literally runneth over! Besides a random burst of extreme happiness, my mood is leveled out. I should’ve known about placenta encapsulation with my 1st a decade ago! Glad we met when we did! You rock girl, I’m telling everyone I know!
-Kelly, mom of 3, Bakersfield

I feel like I have crazy energy already! I’ve been cleaning my house and doing laundry. Awesome!
Jessica, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Since changing to one pill 2-3x a day, my hormones seem so much more balanced! I wake up, tired of course, but go throughout our day like normal and keep up with the demands of the new baby and 5 active little boys! Milk supply is great too. I’m also down half the weight I gained. 10lbs down, 10 more to go! All of this and I’m less than 2 weeks postpartum.
-Brandi, mom of 2, San Luis Obispo

Hi Jules! We’re doing good, baby is getting bigger. I did tell a difference between the two c-sections. This one was way easier! Lol recovery time was faster.
-Maria, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Hi Juliane! So I wanted to give you an update! I definitely feel like my body is starting to function more like normal again. I feel like even under stressful times my anxiety is not as intense as it used to be/could be. My hormones are of course still trying to figure out what normal is again, but overall I am still happily and constantly surprised by my results from my placenta!
-Tiffany, first time mom, Bakerfield

I am fantastic! I do not know how women function without placenta encapsulation! I would be a walking zombie without them.
-Brittany, mom of 2, Bakersfield

I’m moving around better already from having my c-section and have enough energy to take care of myself, my 5 year old, the baby and the house. My husband went back to work but I’ve been able to keep up with the demand of having 2 children.
-London, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Hey girlfriend, just wanted to say hi and give you a little update. So it’s been almost a week since I’ve been taking my pills and WOW! I noticed an increase in my milk supply literally the same night, which is amazing. Yesterday/today I spent all day alone with my newborn and toddler (first time since giving birth) and we had a great day lol I felt energized and not once felt like a zombie! #Teamplacenta
-Lidia, mom of 2, Los Angeles

I feel much better, literally in the first day I felt like my milk production was more. Truly unbelievable.
-Danika, first time mom, Bakersfield

We’re doing good, still getting used to the new mommy life. Baby keeps me up a lot but he’s healthy and happy so that’s all that matters. I have to tell you, I’ve been able to breastfeed him for almost a whole month without any problems!! I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed him (having only one breast). Thankfully he is feeding well! The only downside is that with my limitations, I haven’t been able to pump and store milk for later. I’m producing enough milk to keep his tummy happy and he’s growing just fine- and that’s what counts! Also, I’m down 30 pounds 1 month postpartum!! Thank you for the amazing capsules!!!
-Natalie, first time mom, Bakersfield

Hola chicka, just wanted to share with you: So I’m so in love with my pills and scared to run out, so I’ve been spacing them out to like only 1 every few weeks. I’m now down to like 10 pills and he’s 4 months old. Anyway, I got super sick the other day, like food poisoning and I felt horrible throwing up all day and I had a fever. So, my sister is like, “take a placenta pill” so I did and girl, let me tell you, I took a nap and woke up 100% better!!! Thank you thank you so much missy. I love and believe in what you are doing, it’s the best thing ever!
-Katrice, mom of 2, Fontana

UPDATE: My hair is growing so fast! And my milk is leaking out like crazy! I’ve been forgetting to take my night pill for the past couple of nights and I’ve been wanting to CRY because I can barely stay awake. Finally remembered to take my pill last night an every time baby woke up, I was up with no problem. But I was still able to go to sleep without me being wired! Thank you so much again!
-Marlen, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Loving the pills so far, I feel great energy from taking them. Nursing has been exhausting but I have not lost my cool. On my third week now and hoping to continue to have a great experience with them.
-Elizabeth, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Life has been so crazy over the last two months. We sold our house, so trying to move with a newborn and three other kids has been crazy stressful and taken up most of my time. But, I wanted to share this with you. For the last week I have been so stressed with everything going on and noticed my milk supply nearly diminished completely. I was constantly pumping and feeding hoping it would come back, but had no luck. I stopped taking my pills after 3 weeks postpartum because I felt great. After I had no luck with my milk supply increasing, I decided to take one of my pills, and no joke, this morning my milk supply was in full swing again. I was so relieved! Thanks again so so much for my magic little pill!
-Katie, mom of 4, Bakersfield

So, I received my placenta pills yesterday and let me tell you! I have NEVER been able to pump this much milk as I just did!! I pumped a whole 5oz of milk for Emily in literally just 30 minutes when before I would pump 2oz in 30 minutes. Placenta pills are turning me into a human cow (in a good way though since it’s all for Emily to drink). Thanks again Juliane!
-Dulce, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Freaking out because I weighed myself today after laying in bed for 11 days nursing and taking my placenta pills, I’ve dropped 35lbs! I’m only 9lbs away from my pre-baby weight. I credit the pills and nursing 100%.
-Teonna, mom of 2, Bakersfield

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the pills. It’s only been a week and a half since I’ve been taking them and I haven’t really had all the crazy mood swings like I did last time. I feel normal; I don’t feel weepy. I feel like I have a ton of energy considering I have a 17 month old and a newborn. Oh and my milk supply has been phenomenal! In the first week alone I was producing 4oz. each pumping.
-Trini, mom of 2, Bakersfield

I took the pills religiously for the first three weeks and saved the rest, which has turned out to help so much. We put my son in preschool this month and he has brought home the stomach bug and a cold, which took us all out. But I took a few of my pills and got better faster than everyone else and I believe it’s because of my pills. I want to thank you for providing this for all us mommies out there because it truly is something we should be embracing and taking advantage of. Our bodies are so badass!
-Amanda, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Holy Moly these pills! So I am way over producing milk! Like enough to feed a country! Thank you for doing this for me.
-Wendy, first time mom, Bakersfield

I’ve been pumping after I feed my daughter if I’m home and this is after she nurses from both breasts and has a full tummy. I really don’t want to pump if I’m home id rather her be on the breast as much as possible but as I mentioned before just going to pump so that my husband can feed her too. I’m pretty happy with the extra 2 ounces I’m getting after feeding her. Last year with my son I didn’t even get an ounce within the week after he was born, which is why the pediatrician said I needed to supplement. I wish I hadn’t taken that advice and known about placenta encapsulation. Genesis is 1 week and 3 days and I’ve already been out and about to run errands. People ask to see my daughter and when they see her they ask how old she is and they are like, “OMG you should be home resting in bed!” I say to them, “Yeah probably, but I take my placenta pills so I’m good!” It gives me the opportunity to share placenta encapsulation with others. I’m so glad I did it!
-Synthia, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Hello doll!!!! We are wonderful! I am just loving this mama life! The pills were amazing… I definitely felt the energy and I’m shocked at my overall recovery. It was nice to feel like myself so quickly!! Thank you again! I hope more and more mama’s are jumping on board!
-Melissa, first time mom, San Diego

I’m going to have to buy a deep freezer to store all this extra milk! Can’t believe I’m producing this much, on top of nursing him! #teamplacenta!!
-Brooke, mom of 2, Bakersfield

I am really happy that I have the opportunity to be a customer of the placenta journey. Everyone knows because I’ve always spoke so much about it when it comes to my modeling people tend to think that models are a big headache and conceited and for me personally, it was far from the truth after I had my first daughter the way my body was, I still never got used to it. I hated my stomach, it never went down, I never lost the weight and I had to be cautious of what I wore. But with these pills I definitely feel like it has taken off weight from this pregnancy as well as weight that I kept on for so long from the first pregnancy. I look really good to myself. Of course my stretch marks aren’t going anywhere but I feel good about my stomach, I feel really great that breastfeeding has been successful. Breastfeeding was only an option for two weeks with my first pregnancy. It was a failure but the pills and the breast pump has helped me so much it’s basically coming out like water now and it takes no time for me to get ounces which is really great. I am so thankful for your business and the opportunity to be able to work with you considering I live in Vegas and you are in Bakersfield. I would definitely recommend this anytime I see someone that is pregnant! This is an awesome business awesome for mom and baby I couldn’t be more thankful because the results re amazing its definitely making me feel better already about myself and my appearance- only 3 weeks postpartum!
-Ashley, mom of 2, Las Vegas

Hi beautiful! I just wanted to thank you, again! Savannah is 3 months old now and she is exclusively breastfed! I have been able to produce enough milk to provide for her AND pump! I just returned to work on Monday and I started to take my leftover Placenta Pills and thaaaaaaank God because my energy level would be zero without them!
-Candice- first time mom, Bakersfield


How soon do girls tell you they started to produce a lot of milk? I swear in the beginning I only produced a little bit so I had to give her some formula but now I’m able to give her just breast milk! Couldn’t be happier!
-Valeria, first time mom, Delano

Hey there! I have been crazy busy with the boys but I wanted to let you know that the pills helped so much! I wish I had another pregnancy to compare it to, but as soon as I started taking them I got relief from my hormone crash. AND I have been able to produce enough milk for my twins so I don’t have to supplement with formula!! Thank you for everything!
-Gabriella, first time mom (twins), Los Angeles

I started only pumping 1 ounce, then 1.5 ounce but now I’m pumping over 3 ounces every couple of hours! Thank you so much Juliane!
-Maria, first time mom, Bakersfield

Hey! Can you believe it’s almost been 3 months?! My baby is growing so fast!! First of all, thank you. I am so happy my sister-in-law told me about you! As you know, I had to end up having an emergency c-section and I was beyond scared since my other sister-in-law had to have one just 5 months before! She was miserable and it took her 2 months to recover! BUT I couldn’t be happier with my recovery! I was already climbing up the stairs the day I came home from the hospital and I honestly have had no pain at all! All thanks to these magic pills. I couldn’t be happier! People thought that I was crazy for encapsulating my placenta but it has been great. I have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl and I also have an entire freezer full of breast milk stored up for her (and literally the entire freezer is full- I’ve run out of room). I stopped taking the pills when she was about 2 months old, so I still have some leftover and I will take one on the days I didn’t get much sleep and it instantly gives me the energy I need to get through the day. I know there are a ton of other benefits but the 3 I am most importantly thankful for is my recovery, my milk supply and energy!! Thank you!
-Candice, first time mom, Bakersfield

Hi Juliane, it’s been four weeks since I gave birth and I got to say I have been feeling great! My baby’s birth was uncomplicated and I didn’t tear so I have recovered fairly quickly this time around. But I do think I owe some of that to my magic pills. This week I am back to my pre-pregnancy exercise routine! I also was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within the first week after birth! My mood and energy has been amazing. With my first baby I remember feeling overwhelmed and lonely (even with all the great support I had). Granted I’m more experienced this time, I do feel happier, less anxious and more at peace. I am definitely glad I encapsulated my placenta and will recommend it to all my pregnant friends! Once again, thank you!
-Jackie, mom of 2, Bakersfield

First of all, thank you for doing what you do! You are providing the most amazing service to postpartum mamas! I feel so much more whole so much quicker after this delivery than my other 2. My milk production was great! I actually had to stop taking the pills while trying to get my milk to “dry up.” My energy levels have actually gotten me in trouble. I have so much energy I end up over doing it instead of resting and healing like I’m supposed to. I’ve had people ask me if I think it’s real or a placebo effect and either way I DON’T CARE I feel amazing and I tell everyone about you and placenta encapsulation.
-Brandi, mom of 2, surrogate to 1, Bakersfield

I am very happy!! My energy level is awesome!! I feel like it’s not impossible to run off of 3 hours of sleep haha. My milk supply is a little low. I got mastitis and I have to get my poor babies lip and tongue tie corrected tomorrow. Hoping that will help with breastfeeding. It’s been a difficult journey with breastfeeding because of that I’ve been trying to pump every 2-3 hours, I haven’t been able to actually breastfeed for about 4-5 days because of how painful it is.
Hello! I just wanted to update you that I took my magic pills like I was actually supposed to (I forgot a couple of days) and my milk supply is way up!! I got almost 5oz. just from one boob!! Such a relief and so happy I did this!! Such an amazing thing you do!!
-Katie, mom of 2, Bakersfield

Thank you so much for my pills, I feel absolutely amazing! I produce so much milk that I literally wake up in puddles. I thought I would let my nips air out for the night so I wore a loose t-shirt with no pad or bra, totally bad idea. You’re so amazing and caring, definitely a rare breed! Thank you for being so kind!
-Carry, first time mom, Taft

This is my third baby and I’ve never had milk like this. I’m usually so low in supply my baby’s are a little under weight but not this one!
-Nichole, mom of 3, Bakersfield

Big shout out to these magical pills, my first 2 pregnancies I had issues with milk production, I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked so I had to formula feed. But this time around I decided to encapsulate my placenta because the list of benefits are amazing! One of them being increased milk production! So now I have been taking them for 9 days (Harlyn is almost 2 weeks old) and pumping a min of 12oz a day on top of nursing 24/7! That’s only from pumping twice a day, sometimes 3 if I find time! On top of feeling amazing and almost back down to pre-pregnancy weight! Why didn’t I do this the first 2 times?!? So all you mamas to be out there you really need to consider this because you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Mommy Made Encapsulation and Juliane Corona!
-Chelsea, mom of 3, Bakersfield