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How does the process work from booking my due date to giving birth?

We have two options to service moms all around the United States. If you are in one of the cities where there’s a Mommy Made Encapsulation, then one of our representatives will come to the hospital to pick up the placenta. (Please check the list of hospitals each location services to see if you are considered local pick up).

As soon as the placenta collection/shipment kit is paid for ($200 plus tax), we send it out to you. This kit includes everything you need, to collect your placenta and ship it to us via UPS. For more details about the shipping process click here.

To get started on booking your placenta encapsulation, start here.

Can I still encapsulate my placenta if I have a caesarean (c-section)?

Yes, in fact this is another reason you SHOULD encapsulate your placenta. You will heal so much faster!

Will the hospital release my placenta? How do I get my placenta from the hospital?

Yes, all hospitals will release you your placenta. Once you are admitted, tell your nurse you are keeping your placenta. They will have you sign a release form. They will put your placenta in a container (which they provide) and I will then come and pick it up.

***Make sure you are well informed to your rights to your placenta. If for some reason the hospital is giving you a reason you cannot take your placenta, please contact Juliane.
**** Also note, it helps if your OBGYN/Care Provider is in the loop on your wishes to keep your placenta. They can make sure to approve the release of your placenta.

When do I call you to come get my placenta?

As soon as you have the baby. We are a 24-hour service.

When will I get my placenta capsules?

In 1-3 days

What is the cost?

Encapsulation starts at $500.


What method do you use?

We use the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method. This means we steam our placentas at 220 degrees for 30 min to kill any possible bacteria or viruses. Then it is dehydrated, crushed into a powder, and put into capsules.

I heard it loses some of the nutritional benefits if it is steamed?

Yes, this is true. However, there is no research that exists, YET, to let us know just how much it loses. The placenta is a powerful and potent organ and all the mothers still rave about its effects and still feel the power of the placenta.

What sanitation guidelines do you use to ensure my safety?

Mommy Made Encapsulation performs each encapsulation in a purpose-built unit. All of our non-disposable supplies and equipment, along with the workspace is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized/sterilized before and after each encapsulation. We are compliant with the local health department’s requirements for safe food handling preparation. Each encapsulation specialist is fully qualified in food hygiene and infection control. We comply with the OSHA, FDA and EPA guidelines.

How do I know I'm not getting someone else's placenta?

We only process one placenta at a time in order to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

How many pills will my placenta make and how many do I take each day?

Your placenta will yield, on average, 160-180 pills.

Days 1-7: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day (AM, NOON, PM)
Days 8-15: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day (AM, NOON, PM)
Days 16+: Take 1-2 capsules every morning as needed

Is it safe to take with other medications?

Yes! Since your placenta is all natural, it will not interfere with any other medications you have to take.

How long is my placenta good for?

Your placenta can be left out at room temperature for 8 hours. Your placenta will stay good on ice or in a refrigerator for 7 days. It can stay good in a freezer for one year and a deep freezer for two years.

What flavor capsules do you have and can I pick more than one flavor?

We have berry, grape, lime, bubblegum, orange and vegan capsules. Yes, you can pick more then one flavor.

What if I test positive for GBS?

Testing positive for GBS does not mean that you can’t encapsulate your placenta. It is still safe for you to encapsulate your placenta and here is why:

Mommy Made Encapsulation only offers the Traditional Chinese Medicine method when preparing the placenta. This method involves steaming the placenta to 220 degrees F for 30 minutes, followed by dehydrating the placenta. Any potential bacteria (including GBS) is killed during the steaming process as bacteria and viruses cannot survive at temperatures higher than 131 degrees F.

Mommy Made Encapsulation has encapsulated for roughly 80 women who have tested positive for GBS.

What if there is Meconium?

It is still safe to encapsulate your placenta if there is Meconium on the placenta. The bacteria in meconium is from your own body. We thoroughly wash the placenta and then we steam the placenta at 220 degrees F for 30 minutes to kill any bacteria or viruses present. Bacteria and viruses cannot survive at temperatures higher than 131 degrees F.

Mommy Made Encapsulation has encapsulated for roughly 50 women that had meconium on their placenta.

What if I am induced? What if I have an epidural?

It is still safe to encapsulate your placenta.

I heard the placenta is a filter organ; I don't want to eat all the bad toxins.

Although the placenta is known as the “filter organ,” the title that would actually be more fitting is “facilitator organ.” The placenta acts a facilitator, making sure all of the good stuff gets to the baby, and all of the toxins and waste gets disposed of by putting it back into the mother’s bloodstream. The toxins and waste don’t just “hang around” in the placenta.

How long will my capsules stay good?

Your capsules never expire! Make sure to keep them at room temperature and in a dry place.

What if I want to delay cord clamping?

You can still encapsulate your placenta if you delay cord clamping.

What If I want to do cord banking?

If the company you use only banks the cord and PART of the placenta, then yes, we can encapsulate the placenta. If they bank the cord and the entire placenta, no.

Does it have to be my placenta?

For legal reasons, we can only encapsulate the placenta for the mother it belongs to.

When is it not safe to encapsulate my placenta?

With our method of encapsulation, the only reason it would be unsafe to encapsulate your placenta is if you are HIV positive.

How do you collect payment?

We will text and email you a link to collect payment. On this link, it accepts: PayPal, Apple Pay, Credit and Debit card, HSA or FSA card.

How do I get started?