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In order to reach clients across the United States- that don’t have a Mommy Made Encapsulation Location near them, we now offer a shipping option. For a total cost of $300 ($200 encapsulation + $100 shipping) we make the process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Once the shipping fee is paid, here is what happens next:


A month before your due date, we will mail you a package that will have everything you need to ship us back your placenta. This will include:

  •  A box to ship your placenta 
  •  A plastic ice chest
  • 4 gallon-sized Ziploc bags
  • 1 XL Ziploc storage bag
  • 1 recycling bag
  • 1 zip tie
  • 1 roll of tape
  • Instructions
  • Prepaid Shipping Label

*Please note if you are less than a month away from your due date when you decide to do this, we can still accommodate you and make it happen.


On the day you deliver your baby, bring the 4 gallon-sized Ziploc bags and ice chest with you. You will give the Ziploc bags to your nurse and tell her, “I am keeping my placenta and I want the placenta to be placed into the Ziploc bag, and then have it quadruple bagged. Once you have delivered your baby, the nurse will have you sign a release form and will then give you your placenta (in the bags). You will then put your placenta into the ice chest and keep it on ice (the hospital will provide ice) until you or someone with you is able to take it home.


Freeze your placenta for a minimum of 48 hours; this will help ensure that your placenta stays cold while in transit.


Follow the shipping instructions included in your box. Shipping instructions will be made available here soon.


Drop off your box at any UPS store on a MONDAY OR TUESDAY MORNING ONLY. This is the only way can ensure the Second Day Air shipment through UPS.


We will receive your package on the second day. We will encapsulate your placenta and mail your capsules back to you once they are completed (1-2 days). Learn more about this process.

If you have any further questions please contact us.